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Graan voor Visch

Restaurant Graan voor Visch derives its name from the land reclamation that occurred more than a century ago. At first, fish was caught here, but after the reclamation, grain was grown. A nod to those days gone by can be found in Spaarnwoude’s logo as well.

The restaurant is located in a traditional stolp farmhouse (the word stolp means bell-glass, a glass cover for perishable cheeses; the farmhouse structure resembles such a cover). It has a brasserie, four event rooms and a small separate stube available for hire. Each room is unique in style and offers facilities for meetings, small or large get-togethers or (outdoor) parties. The restaurant is surrounded by three convivial terraces that lie out of the wind and are always in the sun, making it easy for guests to relax in no time. The large awnings provide for optimum comfort in hot weather too. The lunch and dinner menus are frequently adapted to the season. The extensive wine menu includes a range of delectable, affordable wines.

The restaurant is open daily from 08.00 hrs to at least one hour after dusk